¡Hola! I’m Carlos, a Colombian soul with a lens, currently living in the picturesque island of Malta. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey, leaving the vibrant landscapes of Colombia for the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean.

In my world, photography is more than freezing moments; it’s about capturing the symphony of life in its various forms. From the pulsating energy of club scenes to the quiet charm of corporate events, from the playful innocence of children to the timeless elegance of lifestyle and professional sessions—my lens dances across the spectrum of human experience.

Join me on this visual voyage as we explore the multifaceted beauty of life—be it the laughter of children, precious moments in life, the showcase of talents, the rhythm of a dance floor, or the professionalism of business events.

Gracias for being a part of this vibrant narrative.

Carlos Mahe